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Hi Everyone- another Bumper series of junior clinics this week with the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday clinics all full of keen junior golfers. 

We focussed this week on keeping out wrists still with our out putting then seeing if that feeling worked. Using a leading edge of wedge to hit putts was how this was worked on. From each of the groups played a different game incorporating that putting feel with in team chipping and putting activity.

All the groups worked on a self long drive competition to see how far they could hit the driver. Lots of fun and plenty of long drives!

IMG 1235 320x213 - Golf in Cairns and Far North Queensland

Golf in Cairns and far north Queensland is something special. We have many excellent golfing options from mini golf and championship golf clubs. No matter what you are looking for with your golf Cairns and far north Queensland has iit for you

Golf Courses –

Halfmoon bay golf club


Cairns Golf Club


Cairns Golf Centre Mini Putt and Driving range


Paradise Palms Golf Course


Mirage Golf and Country Club Port Douglas


Drummond Golf Cairns


Mareeba Golf Club


Atherton Golf Club


Gordonvale Golf Club





Tess Golf 320x180 - Free range kids

A bit of a different blog this time round- Co-Written with a buddy of mine (Peter Arnott) from Scotland. Peter is a golf coach you will all be hearing about over the next few years.


Facebook image 320x160 - Ladies Golf clinics

Hi Everyone – I will be running another series of ladies golf clinics in a few weeks at the Half-Moon bay golf club. These clinics are a great way to learn golf with like minded Ladies in a fun way. If you need more information send me a message or call on 0435533724


kids academy 320x240 - Term 3 Junior clinics

Hi Everyone – we now have 5 junior clinics lined up for term 3 at Half moon bay golf club. The exciting news is we now have an All Abilities clinic and are one of the first clubs in Australia to have this in our Junior program.

For more information please feel free to give me a call on 0435533724

http://www.mygolf.org.au/programs/Half Moon Bay Golf Club

IMG 1284 320x213 - Good AdviceThe online world can be a dangerous place – as you read this all over the world golfers are sneaking their devices into quiet rooms and typing in there darkest swing faults hoping for something to juicy to appear.

Subjects like “fixing a fat shot” “stopping a slice” and “sorting huge duffs” would no doubt show up on search engine analytics as commonly searched issues. A select few will hunt around for more exotic subject matter such as “do I have the yips” “how to stop shanking it” or the obscene “how to stop topping my ball”

A few weeks back during a lesson a keen golfer informed me that playing partners had told him he was coming over the top to slice the ball as much as he did. Taking the bull by the horns he then researched how to stop this. As the fixes didn’t seem to work he pushed on to find about 10 different ways to stop coming over the top.

After looking at a few swings I explained that he wasn’t coming over the top and was in fact coming to far from the inside with an open clubface.

During the next 10 minutes the player experienced –denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance of what had happened. I found the bargaining part funny – he asked if he started trying to swing over the top would the fixes he had been working on finally start working?

The information he had been looking up was based on a problem he did not have, and the fixes were making him worse!!

So, what’s to be done?

Firstly, do a bit of research and find a good golf teaching professional.

Tell the professional where you want to go with your golf.

Don’t make it a one lesson experience –  book a series of golf lessons.  Take the time to get to know your teaching professional and form a relationship built around improving your golf.

Together as a team your golf game can be looked at then worked on and improved.

Makes sense really!!

Better Golfing

Facebook image 320x160 - Ladies Lets Golf At Half-Moon Bay golf club

Half-Moon bay golf club will again be running Ladies Lets Golf clinics starting in April 2018. For More information please contact Graham Bolton on 0435533724

Tess Golf 320x180 - Fun

Tomorrow at junior golf my daughter will be playing a stroke round. She will have 4 other junior players in her group and most likely an adult walking along with them. One person who will not be there is me.

Hold on a second you are not going out on to the golf course to keep an eye on your daughter?

No and My reasons are simple

Firstly the golf course is a safe environment for kids. Secondly I want my daughter to develop a love for the game and have a good time. What she doesn’t want is her Dad hawking over her every move out there and inevitably pitching in a few choice comments at some stage.

She doesn’t care about to much about how well she plays and just wants to enjoy herself. She has a good grasp of etiquette and a basic understanding of the rules. What she doesn’t know will be picked up in time.


My dad had it sorted – he didn’t even get out of the car when he dropped me off at golf. They were the best times on the golf course I can remember. Just my mate’s and I playing golf.

Better golfing



IMG 1210 320x213 - Putter Drill