IMG 1284 320x213 - Good AdviceThe online world can be a dangerous place – as you read this all over the world golfers are sneaking their devices into quiet rooms and typing in there darkest swing faults hoping for something to juicy to appear.

Subjects like “fixing a fat shot” “stopping a slice” and “sorting huge duffs” would no doubt show up on search engine analytics as commonly searched issues. A select few will hunt around for more exotic subject matter such as “do I have the yips” “how to stop shanking it” or the obscene “how to stop topping my ball”

A few weeks back during a lesson a keen golfer informed me that playing partners had told him he was coming over the top to slice the ball as much as he did. Taking the bull by the horns he then researched how to stop this. As the fixes didn’t seem to work he pushed on to find about 10 different ways to stop coming over the top.

After looking at a few swings I explained that he wasn’t coming over the top and was in fact coming to far from the inside with an open clubface.

During the next 10 minutes the player experienced –denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance of what had happened. I found the bargaining part funny – he asked if he started trying to swing over the top would the fixes he had been working on finally start working?

The information he had been looking up was based on a problem he did not have, and the fixes were making him worse!!

So, what’s to be done?

Firstly, do a bit of research and find a good golf teaching professional.

Tell the professional where you want to go with your golf.

Don’t make it a one lesson experience –  book a series of golf lessons.  Take the time to get to know your teaching professional and form a relationship built around improving your golf.

Together as a team your golf game can be looked at then worked on and improved.

Makes sense really!!

Better Golfing