Tess Golf 320x180 - Fun

Tomorrow at junior golf my daughter will be playing a stroke round. She will have 4 other junior players in her group and most likely an adult walking along with them. One person who will not be there is me.

Hold on a second you are not going out on to the golf course to keep an eye on your daughter?

No and My reasons are simple

Firstly the golf course is a safe environment for kids. Secondly I want my daughter to develop a love for the game and have a good time. What she doesn’t want is her Dad hawking over her every move out there and inevitably pitching in a few choice comments at some stage.

She doesn’t care about to much about how well she plays and just wants to enjoy herself. She has a good grasp of etiquette and a basic understanding of the rules. What she doesn’t know will be picked up in time.


My dad had it sorted – he didn’t even get out of the car when he dropped me off at golf. They were the best times on the golf course I can remember. Just my mate’s and I playing golf.

Better golfing



IMG 1210 320x213 - Putter Drill


IMG 1152 320x213 - Bunker Basics #1