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Big Improvement = A Happy Golfer

How many shots could you improve by after a few lessons? What follows is what a golfer named Ivor was able to achieve recently after taking a series of golf lessons with yours truly

Ivor’s Story

Back to golf after years of absence. 18 months of flogging balls, shanks, diverts, and spraying 140m with the driver. Typically, I’d leach 3 shots around the greens plus the one that finally crept on and that was after 5 or so shots to get there. At 70 my body wasn’t moving, and golf was about to be given away.

I went on the web to get training to no avail, I couldn’t see what I was or wasn’t doing.

Ring, Ring, Graham here, it was pro lesson time… one hour to begin with.

Let’s start by chipping I requested. Job done, home to practice for a couple of weeks.

My scores started to tumble.

Ring, ring Graham here, lesson two, the driver, to fix my interesting fade / slice with the odd hook. Job done, home to practice.

Scores continued to steadily tumble.

From 136 for 18 holes and sometimes more to 101 with the odd 93 thrown in.

Yeek’s golf is OK again

The difference now is that I’m hunting the flag from 50 m out allowing two puts to be normal.  My mate who drives 260+ m said on Monday that I’m killing him around the greens. Nice.

I’m hitting almost all fairways out 185 to 215 m, what slice I say!

Cracking 90 is my current goal along with another lesson…

So that’s Ivor’s story

Did you think when you started reading the golfer would have improved by that many shots in a couple of months? Ivor has made a 30-40 shot improvement in a short while and can see there are plenty more shots to improve by with another series of lessons

It wasn’t rocket science stuff during the coaching and we simply worked methodically through the areas that needed to be addressed.

Ivor had issues with his body motion in during his swing, so we identified the problem and got to work on a few easy to understand drills.

With his short game we looked where his technique was letting him down, talked through why he was doing it like that then made a few subtle improvements. Ivor then worked at making sure he owned the improvements.

Simple and effective!!

Ever thought how many shots you could improve by with the right coaching?

Give me a call and let’s find out!!

Good Golfing.


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